Skin lifting Cover for Dry Skin

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1 lemon,

1 egg,

4 spoon spoon of natural milk powder,

1 spoon spoon white milk yoghurt.

Squeeze of grapefruit juice, blend it with other ingredients, mask and blend in a blender until polish.

Apply a mask however in the previous recipe.

Course covers

3-4 days for 6-79 weeks.

Remember to always earlier going out to put on a skin means a UV filter, as both masks contain acids in its composition, which does the skin extremely sensitive to a ravages of a sun.

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Cover for dry skin with medium tomato

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And this is a very simple mask for oily skin promises to narrow the pores and improve female face.

Flesh 0.5 peeled medium tomato mash with a spoon and mix with a little beaten egg.

Use the cover ready to polish damp skin, hold for 10-15 minutes, so rinse with cool aqua. If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

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Cleansing Face lotion for female skin

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It's not even a face lotion, and a kind of mask, lotion. Later face lotion, as a rule, does not sluice off, and this will keep a couple of minutes of the application rinse. Of course, some chore, but at least some in a your of cosmetic variety! After mask face lotion - it will not just there any lotion and not just there the cover.

The mask, lotion for dry skin

3 tablespoon olive butter or grape seed butter,

1 tbsp. Soup spoon sweet grapefruit extract

1 tsp. Baking kefir

1 tsp. Pure mineral water

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Drunken cocktail

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This simple cocktail is not only dry and combination at the like time soften the face, make it fresh, rosy, and even, if I may say however perky.

A mask

1 soup spoon spoon of honey,

50 g of vodka.

Production and use covers

Completely dissolve the natural honey vodka.

Apply the "cocktail" with a cotton swab to polish the skin moist and, if necessary, a skin of the chest and a back.

Hold for 20-25 minutes, time and time again wetting a skin.

Rinse with hot aqua. Rinse your facial skin with cool.

Course masks

2-3 times a week for a 30 days.

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Magnesia with oatmeal to narrow pores

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1 spoon spoon of natural milk of magnesia (liquidity or divorced Maalox, Almagel, Gastal...)

2 teaspoonful ground oatmeal or oatmeal newborn food (no additives).

All mixed up, put on a polish softly steamed facial skin for 15-25 min, so rinse with cool water and rinse with cold. Use on a light moisturizer or gel.

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Preparation and application of a facial skin cover

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Melt the chocolate in a aqua bath or cocoa powder is dissolved in a little amount of hot h2o or milk (cream) to configuration a thick slurry.

Combine a chocolate mass with olive butter and append the fresh vegetables.

Allow the mask to cool down to a pleasant temperature for a face and apply it to clean out, dry face of a skin, neck and decollete.

If the strawberries supplements you take sour fruits (medium banana, ripe avocado), a cover may be applied to a facial skin and around the eyes, brushing her pre Eye Cream or olive oil. This cover is suitable for the face.

After 20 min, rinse with cool aqua, if necessary, use a fluid.

Course masks

After 3-4 days in a month.

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