Mask with strawberry with skin wrinkles

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Really, it must be noted, intricate masks for skin mask. There's the porridge boil rice with milk, and the butter to flavor it, and even raspberries with mint added. In general, once you know where good to put: on the skin or mouth. But a person yet somehow useful - and so less calories, and a cover itself promises to rejuvenate the facial skin, and from age spots gradually spare.

A mask of strawberry

0.5 cups of sweet strawberries,

2 soup spoon spoons of rice,

1 tbsp. Milk

1 chicken egg

1 spoon olive or almond oil

4.3 leaf of fresh mint (It is possible to change essential oil).

Making and apply a mask of strawberry

Boil rice in milk.

Give rice porridge to cool to placement temperature, then add the crumpled blackberry, finely chopped mint and olive oil whipped with chicken egg.

Everything attentively.

Use a mask ready to clean out skin, neck, arms, shoulders, neck skin space.

Hold for 20-25 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming water. Rinse your face with cool.

If required, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers Strawberry

3-4 days for six weeks.

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Cover of skin wrinkles with olive butter

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5, Art. Spoons of warm mashed potatoes,

2 soup spoon tablespoon of olive oil.

Mix the potatoes with a butter and place a resulting puree to a clean out face, neck skin and decollete.

A mask may be used for the face around a skin eyes, causing pre forever thin layer of olive oil.

Keep a cover for 20-25 min and rinse with hot aqua.

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Horseradish cream for face tone

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This cover is especially recommended for aging facial skin pale. It improves blood circulation and making a skin more elastic.

A cover

1 tablespoons grated horseradish.

1 tsp. Dry yeast.

1 tbsp. Spoon cream.

And that, in fact, little things: brand clothes wholesale - this is just what you request, when the aging body is sleek and it should be beautiful in every technique to decorate and present.

Production and use masks

Dissolve a yeast in the hot fluid and leave for 15-20 min in a soft meste. Posle so throw in a horseradish.

Apply the mask on cleansed face and neck space.

Neck skin hell better not to apply, particularly if you enjoy thyroid problems.

Keep the mask for 20-25 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming water, rinse with coldness skin.

If required, use a moisturizer.

Course masks

1 mask 3-4 days in a month.

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Apple cover

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Rub on a little grater half sweet apples, add to 1 teaspoonful of sour cream and lots of murphy starch thickeners.

Cover big apple klubnichaya

Grate 1/2 of a candy big apple and sprinkle it with grapefruit juice, add to 1-2 mashed pear, 1 teaspoon natural honey and 1 teaspoon of olive butter.

Use the mask on a face, neck skin and decollete for 15-20 min, keeping it dry.

Course - one cover daily for a month.

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Cleansing Lotion for combination facial skin

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It's not even a lotion, and a kind of cover, lotion. Of the face lotion, how a rule, does not wash out off, and this will get a couple of min after treatment rinse. Of course, some chore, but at least some in the your of cosmetic variety! Later mask lotion - it will not just there some lotion and not just there any cover.

A cover, lotion for very dry facial skin

3 tablespoon olive oil or grape seed oil,

1 tablespoon soup spoon good lemon breeding juice

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon pure mineral water

2 K. A essential oil of bergamot (sage, mint)

Little handful of desk or sea saline.

Making and application of lotion mask

Combine grapefruit nectar with water, the resulting mix is dissolved in kefir and salt.

Mix up the vegetable and essence oils, and connect the two mixtures.

Use the cover ready-face lotion to clean damp face on other parts of the aging body with combination skin (shoulders, back, lower neck skin).

Wash a means 1-2 minutes with hot water, rinse with cool person.

Use a cover, face lotion 1-2 times a week at bedtime or 3-4 hours before going out.

Do not forget to protect your face and aging body skin with UV radiation.

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Cover of wrinkles with olive oil

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5, Art. Spoons of heartwarming mashed potatoes,

2 tbsp. Soup spoon of olive oil.

Combine the potatoes with natural butter and put a resulting puree to a clean out face, neck and decollete.

A cover can be used for the skin around the eyes, causing pre forever thin layer of olive butter.

Keep a mask for 20-25 minutes and rinse with hot aqua.

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