Home-skin wrinkle mask with papaya



2 soup spoon spoons of mashed papaya

1 tablespoon spoon of honey,

Oatmeal or wheat floury.

Blend with natural honey and papaya cover thickeners oat or wheat flour.

Use a cover, massage with circular movements to clean out, damp, light steaming a face (neck, chest, hands,...), let it sit for 10-Fifteen minutes, again massotherapy and rinse. Use a moisturizer or face moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Homemade cover with orange juice

1 tablespoons Spoon thick white milk yoghurt without additives

0.5 st. Spoon olive or almond oil

1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed orange extract.

Blend all ingredients. If the cover seemed too liquid thickeners it, however in a 1-st recipe, floury or cosmetic clay. Keep a mask for 15-20 minutes, not letting it very dry out, so rinse and moisturize the face.

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Cover with Honey Mustard


Allow to swell in h2o 6 grams gelatin.

Add to the resulting gravity of 80 grams of glycerin and half a teaspoon of an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid.

Melt a mixing in a aqua bath and add, stirring, 50 grams of natural honey.

Cool the mixing to room temperature, add 1 teaspoon of mustard powder and again all thoroughly.

Leave on for 5-7 minutes, then rinse with soft water and rinse with coldness water.

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Cottage cheese and honey cover for female facial skin


The cover is the egg white, which tightens pores, natural honey, which nourishes and revitalizes, cheese, which whitens and making the face silky and grapefruit, which tightens pores and brightens, and feeds, and even peels.

A mask:

1 tbsp. Spoon of lower-fat curds;

1 spoon tablespoon fluent natural honey;

1 protein;

0.5 tsp of grapefruit juice.

Making and apply

Whisk in cool white foam. Continuing to whisk, add a honey, grapefruit extract and cottage cheese.

Apply a mask to clean damp skin, keep for 15-20 minutes. So rinse with soft water. If necessary, use a moisturizer.

Course masks

Do a cover 2-3 times a 7 days for a 30 days.

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Ripe banana Lemon acne


2-3 tablespoons soup spoon crushed into mush ripe, without chocolate-brown spots banana

1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice

1 teaspoonful of lower-fat milk yoghurt with no additives.

Mix up all until shine. If the mask turned out too fluid thickeners her oatmeal, corn floury or cosmetic clay. Apply to the skin for 15-20 min, rinse, moisturize a skin.

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Warm face mask made from beans


If the beans do not have to soak for hours, the price she would keep been! And however in a dietary sense and in a nice.

A mask for a face

1 tablespoon spoon of very dry beans,

1 cup water,

0.5 teaspoons of grapefruit juice

1 teaspoon of olive butter.

Production and treatment of a face mask with beans

Soak the beans for 5-6 hours, so drain and boil the beans until tender.

Allow to cool and clean the slug warm beans done sieve or blender.

Mix bean pulp with grapefruit juice and olive oil.

Apply a warm cover on a clean face, neck skin and decollete.

Hold for 20-25 min, then rinse with hot aqua.

If required, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers

2-3 days for six week.

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Protein-Honey Mask


Whisk in cool foam 1 eggs white with 1 teaspoon of honey, add, yet whisking, 1 teaspoonful grapefruit nectar.

Apply the mask on a face for 15-20 min, so rinse with cool aqua.

Rice-milk mask

Grind in a coffee grinder 1 spoon of rice and rice floury mix obtained with a little-fat natural milk products: milk yoghurt, yoghurt, kefir. Give the rice a some swell.

Rice may change oats and rye bread, free of "burning" browned.

Apply a mask to clean out and moist face, hold 20 min, then rinse with cool h2o.

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