Grapefruit with oatmeal and protein-skin wrinkle


1 tsp olive butter

0.5 teaspoons recent grapefruit breeding juice

1 eggs white,

1 soup spoon freshly ground corn or oat flakes for newborn meal.

Combine corn with olive oil, protein shake with lemon extract. Connect both the mixing and use on the face finished in 2-3 coats, allowing any layer to very dry out slightly. Rinse rightly and moisturize the skin.

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Facial skin mask with caviar


This cover is loved by many Hollywood stars for its effectiveness and even approximately elitism. Of the the cover is fresh fish roe.

The fish, how, may be the, not necessarily the "star" of sorts. Most importantly, a crab was good.

For doing masks, but 1 tsp. Of caviar will wish 1 soup spoon Spoonful the oil, preferably olive or almond.

Butter and egg should mash with a fork to a smooth paste and let stand about a quarter of an hour.

Then add half of a mask of chicken egg.

All recently nicely mix and used to the face and neck.

Time of the cover - 30 minutes. Then carefully remove a excess with a mild cotton swab or paper jack-towel on the massage lines.

Good eggs can be replaced with a small loss of efficiency masks salted.

This cover is suitable for all skin types.

If a skin is too any, do not add oil to the cover, and the yolk will be better to replace a slightly beaten egg.

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Face cover with banana


1/3 ripe bananas, without browned spots

1 spoon tablespoon heavy fluid,

2 spoon darkness honey (the darker the better)

1 soup spoon spoonful mealy

Mineral aqua.

Bruise a big banana in a gentle puree. Add a medium banana gruel serum, honey and floury and mix everything until polish. Dilute cover mineral h2o to a consistency of thick cream.

Apply a mask ready to polish damp skin. Also mask fits Neck and neck skin (chest and shoulders). Of the 15-20 min (the mask need not very dry out), rinse with soft water, rinse skin pleasantly cool.

Apply to skin, depending on its needs, or light nourishing moisturizer.

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Magnesia with oatmeal to narrow pores


1 spoon spoon of natural milk of magnesia (liquidity or divorced Maalox, Almagel, Gastal...)

2 teaspoonful ground oatmeal or oatmeal newborn food (no additives).

All mixed up, put on a polish softly steamed facial skin for 15-25 min, so rinse with cool water and rinse with cold. Use on a light moisturizer or gel.

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Preparation and application of a facial skin cover


Melt the chocolate in a aqua bath or cocoa powder is dissolved in a little amount of hot h2o or milk (cream) to configuration a thick slurry.

Combine a chocolate mass with olive butter and append the fresh vegetables.

Allow the mask to cool down to a pleasant temperature for a face and apply it to clean out, dry face of a skin, neck and decollete.

If the strawberries supplements you take sour fruits (medium banana, ripe avocado), a cover may be applied to a facial skin and around the eyes, brushing her pre Eye Cream or olive oil. This cover is suitable for the face.

After 20 min, rinse with cool aqua, if necessary, use a fluid.

Course masks

After 3-4 days in a month.

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Medium banana Lemon acne


2-3 tablespoon tbsp. Crushed into mush ripe, without browned spots big banana

1-2 tsp of grapefruit juice

1 teaspoon of lower-fat yoghurt with no additives.

Combine all until polish. If the cover turned out too liquidity thickeners her rice, corn mealy or cosmetic clay. Apply to the skin for 15-20 min, rinse, moisturize the facial skin.

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