Natural honey with vitamins skin wrinkle


1 soup spoon spoonful of fluent honey,

3-4 drops of decision of vitamin A in butter

0.5 tsp. Of butter resolution of vitamin E,

0.5 teaspoons of grapefruit fresh juice.

All mix, apply to polish, damp skin, ablution off after 10-20 min. Vitamins in the butter can be replaced with a vegetable oil.

Fluid with protein-skin wrinkle

1 protein,

2 tbsp. Soup spoon cream

Wheat mealy.

Mix up white and fluid until smooth, thickeners mask wheat floury. Keep the finished cover for 15-20 min.

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Cover for oily facial skin with white clay and grapefruit


A mask protects combination facial skin with aging and do not overload it.

The mask

1 soup spoon Spoonful white clay (kaolin), 1 tbsp. Spoonful of corn floury (can substitute milled oats), 10 drops of alcohol, 10 drops of lemon juice.

Doing masks

To prepare a mask, do not use metal objects. Use, for example, of plastic material utensils and a spoonful or spatula.

Blend all ingredients. Need be shine.

If a mask is left too dry, it may be diluted with boiled aqua or herbal compote. Combination face is perfect marigold, sage, chamomile, nettle, St. John's wort.

The apply of covers

Use a thick layer of a cover on a skin for 15-20 minutes without letting it dry completely.

Rinse with soft h2o and rinse with cold h2o.

If indispensable, apply a moisturizer.

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Scrub of a first skin wrinkles


1 tsp. Of olive or almond oil

1 soup spoon spoon of coconut oil,

1 teaspoon of great white or chocolate-brown sugar

0.5 teaspoons of baking protein,

1 tsp. Of water.

Blend a olive oil and coconut oil to dissolve. Dissolve baking protein in water and throw in to a butter mix and stir until a mix is similar to shaving foam.

Apply the mix on a polish, slightly damp face.

Pour a saccharose palm and fingertips with gentle circular motions, apply it on the skin. Leave a cover on for 15-20 minutes, then a little massage, rinse with warm water and apply a face moisturizer.

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Pear with milk yoghurt for dry skin


Knead into a homogeneous slurry 3.4 apple and blend with 1 tbsp. Spoon white thick milk yoghurt. If a mask turned out too fluent thickeners its bran, ground oats or cosmetic clay.

Keep the cover for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool h2o, wipe a skin with astringent and tonic and use a lightness moisturizing gel.

If the cover to throw in more corn to give a cover to very dry on the face, so troll up, you get a gentle acid peel, also known as troll.

Keep in mind before going out you always wear a big degree of UV protection so rightly how masks from fruits, berries and shelving products contain acids and making the face highly sensitive to sunlight.

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Classical mask of skin wrinkles


2 soup spoon of sour cream,

0.5 tsp. Good lemon juice

1 teaspoonful of natural honey

0.5 teaspoonful of butter decision of vitamin E.

This here is a good old recipe for a facial skin cover of skin wrinkles, which may vary with a modern twist, replacing a white cream milk yoghurt, lemon juice - in lime extract, and a solution of vitamin E - olive butter, grape seed butter or any other exotic oil.

Use this cover of wrinkles also the most common, that is, a classical technique: applied for 15-20 min and rinse with aqua or tissue is removed, so later the remains washed with water.

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Almond Mask of wrinkles


Almonds perfectly stimulates the so-called fibroblasts are responsible for the production of collagen in our skin.

Pour 3 tbsp.. Spoonful chamomile 200 ml (1 cup) of boiling water and leave for 1 hour.

2 tbsp. Received compote spoon whisk 1 egg yolk, so add 1 tablespoon of natural honey and 1 teaspoon of almond butter.

All new combine properly.

Use a cover to polish, dry skin and neck skin in 2-3 layers every 5-10 minutes, not allowing a previous layer to get to very dry out.

A last layer of holding no more than 10 min.

So remove a mask remains chamomile compote and allow the facial skin to very dry themselves.

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