Medium banana Lemon acne


2-3 tablespoon tbsp. Crushed into mush ripe, without browned spots big banana

1-2 tsp of grapefruit juice

1 teaspoon of lower-fat yoghurt with no additives.

Combine all until polish. If the cover turned out too liquidity thickeners her rice, corn mealy or cosmetic clay. Apply to the skin for 15-20 min, rinse, moisturize the facial skin.

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Restorative Mask for Dry Facial skin


Four toning cover for female skin, easy to make and to apply.

Cheese and sol mask

Mix up 1 tablespoon of milk yoghurt with a tsp. Of medium or little table or sea sol.

Keep the cover 20 min, then rinse with hot h2o and rinse with cold aqua.

Course - 2-3 covers a week for 1-2 months.

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East sour natural milk skin mask


Some homemade facials and masks mask for those who are yet fed up with conventional covers and want something sort of on a own face namutit. And keep not muddy half an hour, however normal, and a whole time and some half an hour. And that, you see, is quite unusual.

The mask for the face

1 liter of milk

1 tbsp. Sour fluid,

1 soup spoon soup spoon of poor-fat cheese

0.5 tsp of fine sea saline, or sodium,

1 spoon freshly ground rice.

Online shopping site beautiful Tiande (Nizhny Novgorod) offers a wide selection of ready-skin covers, created with traditional recipes of oriental medicine. In addition to face masks, you will find many other items for health and fine.

Preparation Masks for skin

Carefully put the fluid into the natural milk, not stirred. Cover and leave for daily in a heartwarming dark put. Read more -->

Yoghurt for cleansing a skin


2 soup spoon spoon of organic milk yoghurt with no additives or colorings

2 soup spoon of beautiful white or browned sugar

2-3 tsp of ground corn.

Opt fat milk yoghurt according to the wants of your skin. Suitable for very dry skin and thick enough fat milk yoghurt, and if the skin is along oily enough, you can try and fluent yogurt with deep fat capacity. While in a latter case a cover is too thin, so it thickeners oatmeal.

All combining to fluid cream, apply light massotherapy to clean, damp and slightly steamed skin, leave the cover on for 15-20 minutes, again massage the facial skin and rinse off, continuing to massotherapy. Finish a process moisturizing and / or nourishing fluid or gel.

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Mask with strawberry with skin wrinkles


Really, it must be noted, intricate masks for skin mask. There's the porridge boil rice with milk, and the butter to flavor it, and even raspberries with mint added. In general, once you know where good to put: on the skin or mouth. But a person yet somehow useful - and so less calories, and a cover itself promises to rejuvenate the facial skin, and from age spots gradually spare.

A mask of strawberry

0.5 cups of sweet strawberries,

2 soup spoon spoons of rice,

1 tbsp. Milk

1 chicken egg

1 spoon olive or almond oil

4.3 leaf of fresh mint (It is possible to change essential oil).

Making and apply a mask of strawberry

Boil rice in milk.

Give rice porridge to cool to placement temperature, then add the crumpled blackberry, finely chopped mint and olive oil whipped with chicken egg.

Everything attentively.

Use a mask ready to clean out skin, neck, arms, shoulders, neck skin space.

Hold for 20-25 minutes, so rinse with heartwarming water. Rinse your face with cool.

If required, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers Strawberry

3-4 days for six weeks.

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