Rosemary and red wine on a 1st skin wrinkles


Rosemary, is not alone good for the memory, it is the facial skin and goodness service will dish up. It is only necessary to blend with red wine and six week to insist. And, forgive a wrinkles, long live the youth and tone!

A mask of wrinkles

1 tablespoons teaspoon dried rosemary (sold in shops, office seasonings)

1 cup dry red red.

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Making and treatment of a facial skin cover

Pour a white wine, rosemary and leave at rooms temperature for six weeks. Per day with the infusion container is shaken.

After six week of a infusion and move to the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Right and evening skin vigorously tapped on the massage lines swab dipped in tincture or just soaked in red fingers. Pay exceptional attention to places where yet designated the 1st skin wrinkles.

Then apply to the face cream and cosmetic procedures done in his usual manner.

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