Protein-Honey Cover


Whisk in cool foam 1 egg white with 1 teaspoonful of natural honey, append, yet whisking, 1 tsp. Lemon extract.

Apply the cover on a skin for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with cool water.

Rice-milk cover

Bruise in a coffee grinder 1 tablespoon of rice and rice floury combine obtained with the lower-fat milk items: yoghurt, milk yoghurt, kefir. Give the rice a little swell.

Rice may substitute oats and rye bread, free of "burning" brown.

Use the cover to polish and moist face, hold 20 min, so rinse with cool water.

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Skin lifting Cover for Dry Skin


1 lemon,

1 egg,

4 spoon spoon of natural milk powder,

1 spoon spoon white milk yoghurt.

Squeeze of grapefruit juice, blend it with other ingredients, mask and blend in a blender until polish.

Apply a mask however in the previous recipe.

Course covers

3-4 days for 6-79 weeks.

Remember to always earlier going out to put on a skin means a UV filter, as both masks contain acids in its composition, which does the skin extremely sensitive to a ravages of a sun.

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Ripe banana and apple on the 1st skin wrinkles



Third slightly overripe bananas

0.5 peeled and core the apple,

1 tbsp. Soup spoon of whole milk

1 soup spoon tablespoon of white or brownness saccharose.

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Honey with vitamins skin wrinkle


1 tablespoons spoonful of fluid honey,

3-4 drops of decision of vitamin A in a butter

0.5 teaspoonful of butter decision of vitamin E,

0.5 teaspoons of lemon juice.

All combine, use to clean, damp skin, washing off following 10-20 min. Vitamins in cow butter may be replaced with a vegetable oil.

Fluid with protein-skin wrinkle

1 protein,

2 soup spoon tablespoons cream

Millet floury.

Blend white and cream until smooth, thickeners cover buckwheat floury. Keep a finished cover for 15-20 min.

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Mask for oily skin aging


A mask is designed to cleanse and cut a time a person with any skin with visible signs of aging. If a skin is yet magnetically enough, change the fresh egg softly beaten egg.

Squeeze the extract of 0.5 a grapefruit.

In a resulting lemon "cup" pour beaten egg or white, and leave for 3 hours.

A finished cover put on skin for 20-25 minutes in 2-3 layers, allowing each layer to very dry out almost completely.

Rinse with cool aqua, if required, use the serum.

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